Automotive Spares eMarketplace

One of the leading Indian Automobile companies needed to bridge the gap between workshops, channel partners and themselves and needed a hold and movement of inventory of spare parts. We created a user-friendly marketplace in multiple languages that can be used by anyone who isn’t tech-friendly. It has easy to place orders, real-time inventory check and management dashboards for channel partners and OEM.


  • Ecommerce platform for channel partners, retailers, fleet owners to buy genuine spares
  • Secure integration with SAP & CRM
  • Genuine parts catalogue of 160k+ parts
  • Advanced search with images
  • High fidelity display of parts images
  • Integrated loyalty rewards platform
  • Intelligent logistics engine to ensure fastest & cheapest delivery


  • Convenience of ordering
  • Reduced TAT
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Payment convenience – COD, online
  • Discount schemes, offers, better pricing
  • Relief from clunky enterprise CRM UX
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Multiple search options
  • Customized search with “My fleet” option


  • Direct to customer
  • Greater inventory visibility across the chain
  • Increase revenue, market share v/s duplicates
  • Drive channel and customer loyalty
  • Greater insights for demand forecasting

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