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‘Vishleshan,’ in Sanskrit means analysis and synthesis. It is the process of examining something and breaking it down in order to see what it consists of. This is exactly what we stand for – instead of simply reacting to our customer’s requirements we take a step back and analyze their business problems and break them down and solve them by creating new digital business models. True to our name, we use convergent and divergent development processes to achieve results for our customers.
Vishleshan is a lean and agile organization with a vision of long-term association with our customers. We have been a trusted partner to some of the most respected global brands across multiple industries.

The story of how we started out Vishleshan


Vishleshan started out under the visionary leadership of
Shreyas Rathod


Team capabilities ramped up in 2007
to include latest technologies.
Got learnings from building tech products for large corporates.


Took on the 1st MNC client in heavy electrical and cables, building a B2B system to influence and impact distributors

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Won a large deal with India’s Automotive Giant: building an Automotive Aftermarket ecommerce platform for channel partners, retailers, fleet owners to buy genuine spares. The platform helped the OEM to increase penetration, drive greater sales velocity and also helped increase brand reputation via sale of genuine parts.

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Bagged a large deal with India’s leading Automotive Finance company: to build a platform for single and multi-vehicle lending system, right from lead generation to disbursal. The platform helped B2B firms in Listing, Discovery, Buy & Sell, Auctions, Loans, Payments, Cross & Up Selling of their vehicles.

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Successfully onboarded a large Wealth Management & Advisory firm in India. Helped them to help build a platform that provides a one-stop financial advisory and fund raising solutions for mid-markets in areas of: Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Wealth Management, Project Finance and Growth Stage Investing.

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VSS Announcements

Some of our noteworthy achievements in the press

July 7, 2021
VSS builds eMarketplace for Auto Company: goes live with eAuctions
May 25, 2021
VSS launches connected vehicle management system and robust B2B auto spares marketplace
May 20, 2021
Enabling a circular economy: VSS in the news for Launching India’s first registered vehicle scrapping platform

Brand Resources

Full Logotype

The full logotype is used for corporate communication and presentations, and when Blod appears alongside other company logos.

Full Logotype

The full logotype is used for corporate communication and presentations, and when Blod appears alongside other company logos.

Product Assets

Here you can find the latest Bold product screens and videos.

Our People

Our team: the management, engineers, designers, researchers and everybody else are self- driven, highly skilled and tech junkies. We are humans with emotions and use this side to check the impact of our work on real-world users. We combine Human Centered Design with technical feasibility to make every interaction smooth and seamless.

We also keep pizza cutters in our drawers! Basically, we are team players but the precision we need, nobody else delivers!

The “Vishleshan Way” is designed specifically for large enterprises: with specialised teams consisting of our brightest minds: coders, designers, UX researchers, analysts and project managers! We constantly balance process with unstructured collaborations and brainstorming meetings, to unlock the true strength of our client and partner teams. Our “always curious” attitude helps us examine a problem with different lenses, increasing your chances of superior outcomes and deriving new perspectives. We have been given accolades by our Fortune 500 clients and we aspire to become India’s number one company building scalable enterprise-grade digital products.

Shreyas Rathod

Thought Leadership

Shreyas is a passionate entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He is an alumnus of REC Suratkal and NMIMS and has built successful ventures in the energy and technology sectors. Shreyas strongly believes in nation-building through entrepreneurship. With his knowledge, experience and expertise, he has consistently led Vishleshan to successful business outcomes, while ensuring client wins become the norm at Vishleshan.

Deepak Choithramani

Thought Leadership

A product strategist, technologist and sales leader, Deepak is a passionate entrepreneur with over 2 decades of cross-functional experience across Consumer Internet and Enterprise Technology. An alumnus of NMIMS, he has held global sales & technology leadership roles at SAP, Microsoft, and Citigroup. Deepak strongly believes in the power of technology to make our world a better place.

Jagdish Belwal

Thought Leadership

Jagdish is a seasoned CIO turned entrepreneur and angel investor, with expertise in Technology Anchored Business Transformations. He advises CEOs, sits on boards, and has won numerous awards, including the Digitalist, CSI National, Enterprise Architecture, CIO Power List, CIO 100, CIO 50, and Best Global Implementation Awards. He was recently recognized as a Top 50 Business Growth Leader by BizzNext 2022.

Deepak Gupta

Delivery & Customer Success
Head - Delivery

Deepak Gupta has 16+ years of experience in IT, with expertise in global service delivery, project management, and software architecture. He has successfully delivered products across various industries such as Auto, Manufacturing, Consumer, Retail, Financial Services, Education, and Healthcare. As Head of Product Delivery, Deepak brings a wealth of experience in managing technical delivery teams and ensuring successful project outcomes.

Nikhil Nazarkar

Delivery & Customer Success
Head - Projects

Nikhil Nazarkar is a seasoned IT professional with experience in business analysis, IT project management, sprint planning, scrum, social media management, pre-sales and team building. He has worked on projects for large enterprises, startups, and global Fortune 500 clients in the e-commerce, automobile, finance, and auction industries. Nikhil's cross-industry experience includes working with MNCs like John Deere, B&R Automation, and Mazars.

Parag S

Delivery & Customer Success
Head – Customer Success

Parag is the Head of Customer Success with over 20 years of experience in Customer Service & Quality Assurance across IT, ITES/BPO, BFS, and Logistics. He is an expert in project management, ecommerce, and loyalty program management, and has Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification along with ISO 9001-2008 Audit certification. Parag is known for his ability to deliver on client KPIs and ensure successful project outcomes.

Sindhuri Rao

Ideation & Design
Practice Head: Design Thinking & UX

Seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in Design Thinking, UX Design, and Information Architecture. Sindhuri has a proven track record of delivering successful B2C & B2B projects for global Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and government agencies. With a passion for user-centered design and a deep knowledge of human behavior and technology, Sindhuri creates elegant, simplified apps that delight users and drive business outcomes.

Zahoor M

 Ideation & Design
Product Design Principal

A highly skilled Product & UX/UI Designer, Zahoor M has over 10+ years of experience and holds a degree from Srishti Institute of Art & Design and Technology. With a proven track record in designing seamless user experiences that visually delights the user, Zahoor makes enterprise applications fun to use. He possesses a deep understanding of UI and human-centered design principles.

Laxmikant Deshmukh

Delivery & Customer Success
Practice Head - DevOps

Laxmikant has over 16+ years of experience in Presales and Product Management Consulting. He is skilled in DevOps, ALM, RPA, Open Source, and has worked with MNCs such as IBM, HP, and Borland Worksoft, delivering enterprise application architecture and infrastructure automation solutions. He is
well-versed in cloud computing,
microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, and virtualization technologies, and has expertise in BFSI, trade finance, automobile, and manufacturing industries.

Sachin Mundhe

Lead Dotnet Developer

Sachin Mundhe is a senior leader with over 15+ years of experience in IT project management, enterprise architecture, and building scalable enterprise applications. He is highly skilled in leading and executing large, complex enterprise projects, architecting and delivering complex enterprise applications on leading enterprise stacks including Microsoft.NET and Open Source. He is a seasoned Project Manager and practitioner of the Agile methodology.

Abhijit Kotwal

Product Lead - ECommerce

A highly experienced Tech Lead for ECommerce, Abhijit has a strong background in building scalable software solutions. He has 12+ years of experience in IT project management, enterprise application architecture, specializing in e-commerce and web-based applications. Abhijit is an expert in agile development, change management, and leading Open Source technologies. His skills in cloud computing, DevOps, and enterprise integration, make him a highly versatile technology leader.

Vikram Singh

Head - Business Development

A seasoned business leader with 20 years of experience in sales of IT products and services. Vikram excels in identifying new markets, building strategic partnerships, creating strong teams, and developing effective strategies that drive revenue growth and profitability.

Resources & Blogs

We create a desirable experience which is also technically and economically viable. We use extensive research, defining, designing and modifications to deliver a final consumer-centric product.

Convert your idea into an MVP in 90 Days!

We have a skilled taskforce with a significant niche experience and B2B technical knowhow. Our shared knowledge pool is enviable since it has been built over the last 20 years. To top that, our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we have been recommended by many large MNCs, for building products that solve real-world problems, converting their ideas to MVPs at a speed that makes them profitable. From building an MVP in 90 days to handling 30 billion hits a day on platforms that we have built, we are always up for a good business challenge!

Two decades of proven track record and an experienced leadership team 

Diverse industry experience across Health, Beauty & Wellness, Hospitality, Automotive, Electrical Components and BFSI. Some reference Digital use cases below:

- Pathology Lab Platform (Patient registration, testing workflow, EHR, billing)

- B2B & B2C eCommerce (Examples: Spares Marketplace, Buy Vehicles Online, Scrap Vehicles, Fashion Marketplace, Beauty & Wellness Products)

- Loyalty Management (Channel, Influencer, Customer)

- Influencer Engagement (Examples: Electricians, Mechanics, Fleet Operators, Drivers, etc)

- Used and Stressed Assets Marketplace

- Lending (From lead origination to disbursal)

- Financial Wallets (open and closed)

- Investment Portfolio Management (Capital Markets)

Some of these products have become multi-million revenue earners for our customers and won industry accolades such as the Golden Peacock Award.

We deeply understand consumer experiences as well as enterprise technologies.

We solve for architecture in integrating our digital products with SAP, Oracle, etc in complex IT landscapes.

We practice Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Dev Ops to deliver on our promise of Ideate, Co-create, Scale and Sustain.

Diverse technology stack (including Microsoft.NET and leading open source technologies). Specialists in creating consumer grade mobile user experiences.

Unique fixed cost product development commercial model that minimizes risk and maximizes predictability for the customer.

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