Geo-Social Platform for Drivers

We helped one of India’s leading automobile manufacturers to extend their service to users even when they are on the roads. We created an app that extended help to the drivers and fleet owners connect via this app. So, the fleet owners have the know-how about their drivers and vehicles and the drivers have the correct direction, know about various stoppages, restaurants, fuel stations, radio, and the facility to share trip details.


  • Engage drivers and fleet owners
  • Maps integration
  • Discover routes, petrol pumps, workshops, restaurants, etc.
  • Service reminders, welfare schemes, contests
  • Online radio for entertainment
  • Print Trip Sheet
  • Share Trip Details
  • Integrated loyalty wallet


  • On road guide and safety 
  • Periodic reminders for service & other contests 
  • Discover nearby fuel stations, eateries, workshops
  • Online radio for entertainment 
  • Ability to print trip sheet
  • Ability to share print details 
  • Loyalty benefits


  • A bird’s eye-view of their vehicles and their movement
  • Cross-sell & upsell products
  • Affordable marketing 
  • Easy way to communicate with drivers and fleet owners 
  • Drives loyalty

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