Loyalty Plus App

We’ve built a reward system for your channel partners and customers. This plug and play program can be customized for any industry with a few changes. While attracting new customers is an important part of growing your brand, so is retaining current ones. With a little incentive, your customers continue to buy your products and services and helps you keep a steady stream of revenue.



  • Cross device multi-lingual UX
  • Supports feature/smart phones
  • Built-in secure mobile wallet
  • Cash out support
  • Rich redemption network (eCommerce, mobile operators, vouchers, retail, etc) 
  • Geo-mapping (distributors, retailers)
  • Role-based access (OEM and channel)
  • Real-time dashboards, predictive analytics


  • Authentic products and parts
  • Discount, schemes, offers, better pricing
  • Improved communication
  • Key contact


  • A trustworthy ecosystem is built
  • Channel partners are more devoted to the brand
  • Customers remain loyal to the brand
  • Increase in revenue due to repeat buying
  • Transparent 2-way communication
  • Customer retention
  • Predict slump season and strategize to beat it

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