Testing As A Service

Your application is to be released soon but you don't have a dedicated testing team? Don't worry! We are the go-to team who can take care of product testing and Go Live without any hassles and help you meet product delivery milestones. How do we do that? With Testing as a Service!

The TaaS Methodology

Testing As A Service is a way by which you can extend the accountability, responsibility and ownership of your enterprise applications’ verification, validation and automation to an expert team outside your organization without having to worry about how you will project manage the entire process following best practices..

We have a team of experienced experts in all type of testing be it Manual, Functional (API and UI) Automation, Performance or be it Security Testing.

​Our TaaS model helps you get rid of worrying about daily mundane tasks of executing manual test cases and bug reporting. We execute testing in way that helps you meet the deadline for application release.

Here is why Testing As A Service is fast becoming a need of hour:1. Hiring and retention of capable tech talent at short notice is a challenge for product managers and organisations who are not into tech product development

2. Time required for hired resources to get acquainted with your particular domain, in-house testing practice is more, hence productivity is delayed, and so is product 

3. The actual cost of hiring, training and retaining high quality talent is increasing day-by-day due to the overall high attrition rate in the industry today

4.  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced by adopting a model like TaaS. In addition, we deploy senior resources and consultants with over 10+ years of industry experience, so that you get faster and better quality outcomes!

Meet the Expert

Laxmikant Deshmukh

Delivery & Customer Success
Practice Head - DevOps

16+ years experience across industries as a seasoned and skilled technologist with 16+ years of experience as a Presales and Product Management Consultant in Enterprise Application Business Process Automation, Modernization, and Infrastructure Automation.

Specialises in DevOps, CI/CD, Product Management, RPA, ALM, and Open Source. He has worked extensively on IBM, HP Software ALM, Borland Worksoft, and Parasoft Business Process Automation solutions.

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