Automotive Finance Lending System

We created a motor finance lending platform for one of India’s leading automobile companies for quick disbursal of loans. Especially if you have a fleet of vehicles, you don’t need to waste time in paperwork for newer loans or to manage earlier loans. The users can apply for new loans and get their loans sanctioned within minutes. Users can do other vehicle-related transactions here as well like buying or renewing motor insurance or recharging their FASTag. 


  • Ecommerce platform for channel partners, retailers, fleet owners to get genuine loan
  • Advanced search with images
  • Integrated CIBIL scores and earlier loan status
  • Facility to buy or renew motor insurance 
  • Recharge FASTag
  • Store other vehicle documents like insurance, registration copy and more 
  • Intelligent logistics engine to ensure fastest loan disbursal


  • Convenience of immediate loan disbursal 
  • Reduced TAT
  • Payment convenience 
  • Discount schemes, offers, better pricing
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Multiple search options
  • All vehicle-related documents in one place


  • Direct to customer
  • Greater insights for demand forecasting
  • Increase revenue, market share 
  • Drive channel and customer loyalty

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