App for After Sales Service by Mechanics

At Vishleshan, we helped one of India’s leading automobile manufacturers to extend their service even after sales. We created this app especially for the mechanics who could then service vehicles made by this far-reaching brand. This not only helps mechanics offer a good service but also helps customers find good technicians in their vicinity. 


  • Multi-lingual app
  • Includes training videos
  • Create and manage job cards
  • Schedules various people to different vehicles
  • Can place spare parts order via this app 
  • Generate service card
  • Generate a professional bill 
  • loyalty program 
  • In-app payments 


  • Free pick up and drop 
  • Genuine parts
  • Affordable 


  • Periodic service helps them estimate income 
  • Drives loyalty
  • Helps manage vehicles and their service 
  • Online payments 
  • Can be accessed in multiple languages 

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