User Experience Design

UX Design is the process of designing products and services that are easy to use, accessible, and enjoyable for the user. It involves understanding the user's needs, behaviors, and motivations, and designing keeping the cohorts of users in mind. There could be a range of cohorts or user personas that your product needs to cater to. Mapping user experience to those personas is crucial to making a successful product, and that’s exactly what we aim for!

The User Experience Design Methodology

The User Experience (UX) Design methodology consists of several stages: research, wireframes, prototyping, and testing. In the research stage, designers gather data about the users and their needs, using a preset UX framework: the jobs to be done framework.

Essentially as the next step, designers create wireframes and low-fi mockups that depict the design layout. These could be initially hand-drawn and later modeled using software such as Figma and Sketch. In the prototyping stage, designers build an interactive prototype of the design, so that you know exactly how the interaction will pan out when a person uses the product or app.

In the testing stage, designers validate the prototype screen-by-screen with the users and gather feedback, so that any aberrations can be eliminated and only the best way forward is considered for coding and development.

Meet the Expert

Zahoor M

Product Design: Principal

8+ years of experience in Product Design, Visual Communication. Srishti Institute of Art & Design and Technology.

Zahoor has deep skillsets in UI & UX design for large scale enterprise applications.

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